Considering New Landed Property in Gombak – Is It a Smart Buy?

If you are in the market for a new landed house in Gombak, you might be wondering if it is a smart buy. While Gombak certainly has its benefits, such as its proximity to the city center and abundance of amenities, there is another location worth considering: Rawang.

Let’s discover more about buying a house for sale in Gombak, and explore Rawang as a potential alternative for those seeking for a new landed house in the area.

So, if you are looking for a Gombak property, keep reading to see why Rawang might be the better choice for you.

Exploring the Drawbacks of Buying a Landed House For Sale in Gombak

While Gombak may seem like an attractive location to buy a new landed house, there are also several drawbacks that you should consider before making a purchase.

One of the main concerns is the traffic congestion in the area, particularly during peak hours. The heavy traffic can cause a significant delay in commuting to work or school, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Additionally, Gombak is prone to flash floods during heavy rain, which can lead to water damage and potential safety hazards.

It is worth noting that property prices in Gombak can be relatively high compared to other nearby areas, such as Rawang. Taking all these factors into account will help you make a more informed decision when choosing where to buy your new landed house.

The New Landed House Project Outside Gombak to Consider

Unlike Gombak, Rawang offers a more relaxed and peaceful living environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It is a great place to raise a family, with excellent schools and plenty of green spaces for outdoor activities.

This new Rawang’s housing project by M Panora offers a modern and comfortable living space that is designed to cater to your every need. With four spacious bedrooms and three bathrooms, these homes provide ample space for families of all sizes.

Each home is carefully placed in a north-south orientation to reduce direct sunlight exposure, resulting in reduced energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint.

With its commitment to sustainability and excellent location, this new housing project is an excellent option to consider for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle.

Discover a Smarter Option with The New Landed House by M Panora

If you are on your house-hunting journey, and still considering a new landed property in Gombak, consider upgrading your options by checking out M Panora’s latest project instead.

This impressive new development is designed to offer a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for you and your family.

Strategically located just a short distance from major highways like NSE, LATAR, and Guthrie, you will have easy access to the city and beyond.

This project offers two different types of houses – Yurri (type A) and Barra (type B), with unit sizes of 1,770 sqft, 1,792 sqft, 2,001 sqft and 2,026 sqft, so you can choose a property that fits your unique needs and preferences.

Make a smarter choice and switch to M Panora's new project in Rawang now! Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new project and schedule a viewing.


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